Does UCF require the ACT Writing or even the SAT Essay?

Does UCF require the ACT Writing or even the SAT Essay?

Starting in Spring 2017, UCF will not require the writing section of the ACT or even the essay element of the SAT.

FAQs Related to Freshmen

Are freshmen necessary to live on campus?

No, first-year students are not required to call home on campus. Most first-year students do go on campus due to the ease of transition from your home to campus life, access to university resources plus the capacity to make friends that are lifelong.

Can everyone take online courses?

As a result of restrictive state regulations, UCF is certainly not permitted to deliver online courses or instruction to students in some states. The menu of states currently restricted can be acquired during the Registrar’s website. While moving into one of these brilliant states you might not be permitted to enroll in UCF Online courses.

Just how do high school seniors apply for UCF scholarships?

There is absolutely no application that is separate UCF scholarships. All freshman applicants offered admission are considered for those awards so long as funds can be obtained.

How can I send a transcript to UCF?

We suggest contacting your school(s) individually to determine the way they send transcripts. Undergraduate Admissions can accept official transcripts through U.S. mail or electronically when sent directly from your institution through a secure delivery service.

Electronic transcripts can simply be accepted as official if they’re delivered through one of the following approved service that is transcript:

NOTE: If the transcript delivery service asks one to provide a contact address to send transcripts to, please use

When sending a transcript through one of several above service providers, their system may indicate that it has been delivered; however, please allow two to 3 weeks for UCF Undergraduate Admissions to process these documents. Instead of sending duplicates, please verify receipt associated with the transcript during your application status on myUCF.

Hard copy transcripts can be sent to:

UCF Undergraduate Admissions
P.O. Box 160111
Orlando, FL 32816-0111

How is my senior school GPA calculated for admission?

Your GPA is recalculated in line with the academic core courses (including English, math, science, social studies and foreign language). UCF uses a 4.0 grading scale, and also awards additional quality points for any weighted courses in the academic core. Courses marked as pre-AP, pre-IB, pre-AICE and honors are given an additional 0.5 quality point.

Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced International Certification of Education (AICE) and Dual Enrollment essaywriters247 writing service (DE) courses are given 1 additional quality point.

I became home-schooled or received a GED. What should I submit?

UCF shall consider applications from students who are educated through a home-school program. Home-schooled applicants should submit a home-school transcript that features a listing of all coursework (both completed plus in progress), showing final grades and units earned for every course completed. A brief description of the methods utilized for evaluation should accompany the home-school transcript. If home-schooled applicants previously attended another school or completed courses through the Florida Virtual School or through dual enrollment at a college that is local university, official transcripts are required. Those courses should be reflected on also the home-school transcript. SAT and/or ACT results must be submitted also.

Applicants who present a GED will be considered for also admission. Official GED results, a partial senior high school transcript, and ACT and/or SAT results must certanly be submitted.

When can I apply for housing?

Apply as soon as you have already been admitted to UCF. Don’t wait; as space is limited. Housing applications can be obtained starting in November for the following summer and fall semesters.

How competitive is it to have admitted into UCF?

For freshmen, the mid-range (middle 50 percent) of your Fall 2018 entering class was:

  • GPA: 3.86 – 4.39 (recalculated core that is academic
  • SAT: 1270 – 1380 (Evidence-based Reading and Writing + Math)
  • ACT: 26 – 30 (composite)

Where else could I go to research freshman scholarships?

There are a number of alternatives for scholarships.

Who are able to connect with UCF using The Common Application?

Currently, only first-time-in-college (freshmen) students may apply to UCF with the Common App. Students wanting to transfer to UCF should complete the UCF application that is institutional admission. Additionally,first-time-in-college students may, if they choose, submit their application via the UCF application that is institutional admission.

I’m having technical difficulties submitting the normal App. Who do I need to contact?

For technical questions regarding your Common Application to UCF, you could contact the most popular App Solutions Center, 24/7 year-round.

The Solutions Center also holds chats that are online application season and lets you contact them via an internet form. A search function also exists using keywords to direct you to the appropriate web-based resources.

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